Coalition of Concerned Citizens

Let Bylaw 4396 expire on December 12, 2013;
it's what the voters agreed to in the 2008 referendum.
on November 9th, VOTE
a NO vote = a vote for Options

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Democracy in Action


 I heard from an ex-City employee that she had a phone call from a friend who attended and informed her about an excellent meeting that she had missed. According to her source, this was one of the best meetings that her friend had ever been to in Quesnel! My response was: Yes, it was a well run meeting and City Council could learn a lot about Democracy in Action if they would cease being afraid of the public and allow people to express their opinions rather than trying to dictate to us and control us through “civility” demands. Your hard work, and dedicated efforts to report truths (as discovered throughout the past five or more weeks) has certainly left the community enlightened. I assure you that these efforts will not be in vain! Now if we can motivate most of our friends and family to get out to the polls, we shall let the people speak – maybe for the time! No matter which way the vote goes, we shall all benefit from the learning experience and perhaps in the future, pull together a number of like-minded people who would like to run this City from a positive and business-minded prospective. I believe The Coalition has accomplished something that the established hegemony would never have dreamed of, and that is turning public opinion against their propaganda for the Multi-Centre. 
In Solidarity, Sharron Hill
Open Letter to ALL Residents from Area B Director Nov 7th


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